Instagram 6 Week Sessions

Our Adult Ballet, Adult Tap, and Beg Aerial Silks classes began this week, and everyone is talking about how fun they are!  Ms. Gypsy Crane who is teaching two classes of Aerial Silks came early Saturday morning to hang the rigging for the silks.  She started both classes with some safety training as well as a good warm-up.  Even Ms. Lisa was able to take the class!

Ms. Anne Scalf, who is DDC's main tap instructor, is teaching our Beg Adult Tap session on Mondays, from 7-8pm.  We've gotten several requests for "practice at home" material, and the "buzz" on Facebook is that the class is fun!

Ms. Hannah Briggs, who teaches ballet, jazz, and contemporary at DDC, is teaching the Beg Adult Ballet class on Tuesdays from 7:30-8:30pm.  The class filled up quickly and has a waiting list of 8 additional students!  It was great to see a few former DDC students take the class as well as quite few new faces!  We are starting ANOTHER ADULT BALLET CLASS on Wednesdays from 7:15-8pm.  The new class will be an introduction to the Ballet Barre and taught by DDC Founder/Director, Lisa Racina-Torre.  This class starts on April 13th and meets from 7:15-8pm through May 18th.